Recent Anthony Rizzo acquisitions

It’s getting closer to baseball season and I’ve found myself wanting to expand my Anthony Rizzo collection. The guy is such an inspiration on and off the field and his recent response to the school shooting at his old high school in Florida proves he is a leader. While I had a handful of his cards, I did not have any rookie cards. I had to change this.

I prefer to get graded rookie cards when I can afford it, but the PSA 10’s were a bit out of my budget. I have no problem getting PSA 9 cards to save a few bucks as I usually can’t tell the difference between a 9 and 10. I found the 2011 Topps Update #US55 Anthony Rizzo card on eBay that had a best offer on it. I haggled with the seller and we settled on $15 + shipping for the PSA 9. (the PSA 10’s are in the $40-50 range)

I am a big fan of getting batches of cards on eBay so I looked around for a Rizzo lot. I found one that had 25 cards and a best offer which I negotiated to $5.99 with free shipping. Not too shabby! I did notice one of the cards was not a Rizzo card so technically it’s 24 but not a big deal. They were all different which is good as I don’t really need any duplicates.

I also won an eBay auction for a 2018 Topps 1983 #83-54 Anthony Rizzo card along with the 2018 Topps Chrome Refractor #11 Anthony Rizzo. I’m guessing the Chrome version came from one of those silver packs that were included in the 2018 hobby boxes or cases.

I was reading through the buy/sell forum on the Blowout Cards Forum and someone was selling a 2018 Topps #50 Anthony Rizzo SP variation for $2 + shipping. I couldn’t pass that up so I told him I would take it. I sent him the money and he shipped within a day or two. He turned out to be super local and shipped at a post office 5 miles away from me. He shipped on February 22nd and I figured it would show up the next day. No luck. Surely by day 2 it would arrive. Nope. By the 25th, it was in the lovely state of in-transit. Seriously, we don’t have that many post offices in our city.

I had to wait 7 days to file a missing mail claim which I filed on March 1st. I waited a few more days with no change in the tracking or response from the USPS. At this point I figured it was lost in the mail. On March 7th, I received a text message from the USPS that my package was delivered to my PO Box in Champaign. I checked the box after work and sure enough it was there! I opened it up and the card was fine. Whew! What a journey it must have taken over just a few miles! I like the card and now I just need the SSP variation to complete the 3 card set.

Finally, I found some 2018 Topps Heritage blasters at Meijer the other day. This was my first encounter with them so I bought two blasters. The first box was rather boring but the second box was a hot box as it had a bunch of purple chrome cards in there. One of them was 2018 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC-20 Anthony Rizzo purple card which made me really happy. (I also pulled a Kris Bryant purple chrome in the same box!) The scan looks a little weird but I like the card a lot.

More 2017 Topps Heritage cards

I ended up at Meijer this morning to pick up some milk. As you may know, I can’t go there without checking the card aisle. Nothing new but they still had 2017 Topps Heritage high numbers so I bought 2 packs. I also picked up some 2017 Donruss football and 2017-18 Upper Deck MVP hockey packs for my wife.

I wasn’t real impressed with the outcome of the last Topps Heritage packs, but figured you have to keep trying to get something better. Out of 2 packs, I landed 1 Cubs player with an Ian Happ RC.

Then I found a Dansby Swanson Rookie Performers card.

Cody Bellinger Now and Then card.

Carlos Correa & George Springer Houston Hammers card

Then there is a Bruce Maxwell RC in mini format. I flipped it over and noticed it has a serial number of 064/100. Not too shabby!

All cards except the Ian Happ are available for sale or trade. Send me an email or a DM on Twitter (@cubsfanstan) if you are interested.

Cards mentioned in this post:
2017 Topps Heritage Ian Happ RC #660
2017 Topps Heritage Now and Then Cody Bellanger #NT-14
2017 Topps Heritage Rookie Performers Dansby Swanson #RP-DS
2017 Topps Heritage Houston Hammers Carlos Correa & George Springer #CC-3
2017 Topps Heritage Mini Bruce Maxwell RC #584 064/100

eBay – 2017 Topps Heritage Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper

I seem to be on a bit of a Kris Bryant kick recently. I stumbled across a 2017 Topps Heritage Kris Bryant / Bryce Harper card on eBay. I made a $0.99 bid and shipping was only $0.70. Not a bad deal and no one else bid on it. It’s got that 1968 look to it which is pretty cool. Maybe someday Bryce will make it over to the Cubs and play side by side with his pal Kris. 🙂

Cards in this order: 2017 Topps Heritage Kris Bryant / Bryce Harper #263