eBay – 1984 Topps Ryne Sandberg

Do you ever have less than $1 in your Paypal account and you start looking for cheap cards to add to your collection? I entered my search terms into eBay and noticed a 1984 Topps Ryne Sandberg card. I bid $0.90 on it thinking I’d never ever win the auction. Well, I pulled it off and won the darn thing. I’m not sure the seller made any money at all on it since there was free shipping.

It arrived today in a plain-white envelope (PWE). It was packed a little too well. The envelope was taped to the edges giving no room to get a letter opener in there. Once I got that open, it was wrapped in magazine pages with more tape. Did I mention they used scotch tape?

I finally got to the card and it was in a penny sleeve inside of a toploader. Yep, the top loader was taped with scotch tape. I carefully cut through it with my pocket knife. I replaced the sleeve and toploader due to all the sticky tape residue on the toploader and writing on the sleeve. Please stop with the scotch tape!

The front of the card looks pretty good but the corners are a little rough. But hey, for $0.90 I can’t complain too much about a 2nd-year Ryno card for my collection.

Cards in this order: 1984 Topps Ryne Sandberg #596

eBay – Contreras / Almora / Schwarber RCs

I ordered a few cards from eBay for my personal collection and they arrived today. I got the following cards:

2016 Bowman’s Best – Albert Almora – #2 RC
2016 Bowman’s Best – Brian McCann / Willson Contreras – Mirror Image
2016 Bowman’s Best – Kyle Schwarber – #64 RC (not pictured)
2016 Bowman’s Best – Willson Contreras – #51 RC
2016 Bowman’s Best – Willson Contreras – #51 RC Refractor Parallel
2016 Topps Update – Willson Contreras – #US266 RC Gold Foil Parallel #1421/2016
2017 Topps Series 1 – Ryne Sandberg – #87-85 1987 insert

Ripping early 90s packs

The nice lady at work brought me more baseball cards today. Along with some sets, there were several boxes of packs from the early 90s. Most of them aren’t worth much but I love opening packs.

1990 Score
1990 Upper Deck
1991 Upper Deck
1992 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 & 3

I landed a Sammy Sosa and Frank Thomas RC! (I’m a big Sosa fan!)

Here’s a few more Ryne Sandberg cards for my collection.

Anyone need any 1991 Upper Deck Chipper Jones RCs? 🙂 I also landed the 1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa RC so that made me happy too!

The Stadium Club cards were the most frustrating of the bunch to open. Due to the type of finish on the card combined with years of storage probably in a uncontrolled climate, all the cards were stuck together. So it was a very time consuming process of separating them while not damaging the cards. I’m not sure I would want to buy any of those as it was not a pleasant experience. Since they were free though, I shouldn’t complain too much. 🙂