Twitter – Batch of Cubs players

I’ve recently started following other card collectors on Twitter (@cubsfanstan) and Instagram (@cubsfanstan). I ran across Cliff (@oriolesrise) on Twitter who was sharing photos of cards he was looking to move. I saw he had a few Cubs players and asked him how much he wanted for them. It wasn’t very much so he found a few more to make the shipping worthwhile.

They’re in varying condition but all new ones for me. I really like batches of cards as I usually get a good assortment for a low price. I added another Ron Santo to my collection along with fellow Cubs Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins. Thanks Cliff for the great deal!

1962 Topps Ron Santo #170

1973 Topps Fergie Jenkins #180

1974 Topps Billy Williams #110

Cards in this order:
1960 Topps Dick Ellsworth #125
1960 Topps Harry Bright #277
1962 Topps Barney Schultz #89 RC
1962 Topps Ron Santo #170
1964 Topps Bob Buhl #96
1964 Topps Don Elston #111
1964 Topps Steve Boros #131
1970 Topps Ken Rudolph #46
1970 Topps Phil Regan #334
1970 Topps Willie Smith #318
1971 Topps Larry Gura #203 RC
1973 Topps Fergie Jenkins #180
1973 Topps Whitey Lockman #81
1974 Topps Billy Williams #110
1974 Topps Carmen Fanzone #484
1974 Topps Chicago Cubs Team Checklist #5
1974 Topps Traded George Mitterwald #249T
1975 Topps Ken Frailing #436
1989 Kmart Baseball Dream Team 33 card set
1991 Woolworth Baseball 33 card set
1992 Post Ryne Sandberg #2