Twitter – Batch of Cubs players

I’ve recently started following other card collectors on Twitter (@cubsfanstan) and Instagram (@cubsfanstan). I ran across Cliff (@oriolesrise) on Twitter who was sharing photos of cards he was looking to move. I saw he had a few Cubs players and asked him how much he wanted for them. It wasn’t very much so he found a few more to make the shipping worthwhile.

They’re in varying condition but all new ones for me. I really like batches of cards as I usually get a good assortment for a low price. I added another Ron Santo to my collection along with fellow Cubs Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins. Thanks Cliff for the great deal!

1962 Topps Ron Santo #170

1973 Topps Fergie Jenkins #180

1974 Topps Billy Williams #110

Cards in this order:
1960 Topps Dick Ellsworth #125
1960 Topps Harry Bright #277
1962 Topps Barney Schultz #89 RC
1962 Topps Ron Santo #170
1964 Topps Bob Buhl #96
1964 Topps Don Elston #111
1964 Topps Steve Boros #131
1970 Topps Ken Rudolph #46
1970 Topps Phil Regan #334
1970 Topps Willie Smith #318
1971 Topps Larry Gura #203 RC
1973 Topps Fergie Jenkins #180
1973 Topps Whitey Lockman #81
1974 Topps Billy Williams #110
1974 Topps Carmen Fanzone #484
1974 Topps Chicago Cubs Team Checklist #5
1974 Topps Traded George Mitterwald #249T
1975 Topps Ken Frailing #436
1989 Kmart Baseball Dream Team 33 card set
1991 Woolworth Baseball 33 card set
1992 Post Ryne Sandberg #2

Card show at Marketplace Mall

The other day I looked around online for card shows in the area. I’ve never been to one, so I thought it’d be neat if there was any close. I ran across the Sports Collector’s Digest website which has a list of card shows for each state. I noticed that this weekend the Central Illinois Sports Collectibles Mall Show was scheduled right here in Champaign at our local mall. Sweet!

My wife and I headed over there around 10:30am this morning and walked all over the mall trying to find it. We finally found a rectangle of tables with various cards and collectibles like autographed baseballs and photos. All of the expensive cards were under glass which is fine, but they had cards stacked on top of each other so you couldn’t see who the players were on the bottom. In another section, they had some 50’s and 60’s cards in binders which was nice as you could easily see each player and the price was clearly labeled. I paged through a few of them, but didn’t find any Cubs that I really needed.

Meanwhile, my wife had found a box full of autographed players. The sign said $5 per card, except hall of fame cards were $10. All the cards were in toploaders but they weren’t sorted at all. Also, the cards kept falling over when you took a batch out. I wasn’t going to go through them, but figured I might find a gem in there so off we went. There was probably a good thousand cards in the box.

My feet were ok, but my back was really sore from standing. We probably spent 20-30 minutes going through the box. While there were numerous Cubs players in the box, most were folks I’d never heard of before. I ended up finding autographed cards from Billy Williams and Andre Dawson. Since they were both hall of fame players, I had to pay $10/each. A little steep, but since they were autographed I felt like I was getting more than just a base card.

Had this been my setup, I think I would have done a few things differently.

  • Provide a table with chairs where people could go through cards without breaking their back.
  • Advertise. The only info I could find about the event was on the Sports Collector’s Digest website. Marketplace Mall didn’t even mention it on their website!
  • Carry boxes and packs of cards instead of just singles. I think a lot more kids would have purchased if they could get the excitement of ripping a pack open.
  • Sort the randomly assorted box by teams. We could have been in and out in 5 minutes had they just had a Cubs section in that box. They would probably sell more too!
  • Spread out your cards more so you can see what is under the glass.

Cards purchased today:
1989 Swell Baseball Greats Billy Williams #120 – Autographed
1989 Fleer Andre Dawson #422 – Autographed