eBay – 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mark Zagunis

This was another under $1 eBay auction win that was unexpected. I did a search for Cubs cards under $1 and this one came up. I bid on it and won it for a huge total of $0.89 with free shipping. I don’t know how the seller makes any money on cards this cheap but I’ll take it! I don’t know much about Mark Zagunis other than he’s bounced around from various minor league teams this year and only played 7 games with the big league team. (source: milb.com)

Cards in this order:
2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mark Zagunis #BCP131

More 2017 Topps Heritage cards

I ended up at Meijer this morning to pick up some milk. As you may know, I can’t go there without checking the card aisle. Nothing new but they still had 2017 Topps Heritage high numbers so I bought 2 packs. I also picked up some 2017 Donruss football and 2017-18 Upper Deck MVP hockey packs for my wife.

I wasn’t real impressed with the outcome of the last Topps Heritage packs, but figured you have to keep trying to get something better. Out of 2 packs, I landed 1 Cubs player with an Ian Happ RC.

Then I found a Dansby Swanson Rookie Performers card.

Cody Bellinger Now and Then card.

Carlos Correa & George Springer Houston Hammers card

Then there is a Bruce Maxwell RC in mini format. I flipped it over and noticed it has a serial number of 064/100. Not too shabby!

All cards except the Ian Happ are available for sale or trade. Send me an email or a DM on Twitter (@cubsfanstan) if you are interested.

Cards mentioned in this post:
2017 Topps Heritage Ian Happ RC #660
2017 Topps Heritage Now and Then Cody Bellanger #NT-14
2017 Topps Heritage Rookie Performers Dansby Swanson #RP-DS
2017 Topps Heritage Houston Hammers Carlos Correa & George Springer #CC-3
2017 Topps Heritage Mini Bruce Maxwell RC #584 064/100

2017 Topps Heritage and 2017 Donruss Football at Meijer

While grocery shopping at Meijer, I noticed some new packs in the card aisle. They were 16-count 2017 Topps Heritage high numbers packs in black packs which made me overlook them at first. I picked up 2 packs of the Heritage while my wife picked up a couple packs of 2017 Donruss Football cards. (which she then gave to me once she kept all the Colts players.)

I’m not too impressed with the cards I got in my Hertiage packs. I like the look of the 1968 cards, but I didn’t get much. The only notable cards were a Trea Turner memorabilia card and a rookie performers Andrew Benintendi. I didn’t even get any Cubs in the two packs. Will I buy more if they’re still there the next time? Probably. 🙂

As for the football cards, I got a few Bears cards including a Mitchell Trubisky Rated Rookie. This card will go well with my Trubisky Gridiron Kings card I got in the last batch. I also got a Marcus Wheaton regular and Press Proof version. There’s not much info on the back of these cards beside the 2016 stats and a quick blurb about the player. Still better than the Score cards though I think.