eBay – 1990 Topps 89 M.L. Debut Sammy Sosa

It’s obvious now that I have to complete the 8-card Sammy Sosa rookie set. While I was looking for the true rookie cards, I stumbled across this card. Since I’m cheap, I don’t want to spend the extra bucks on the PSA 10 so I have been getting PSA 9 cards. This is the 1990 Topps ’89 Major League Debut Sammy Sosa card.

I like the border around the card for some reason. For $7.75 shipped, it met my criteria of spending less than $10 for the card. I was able to add it to a different PSA set but definitely one I have no chance of ever completing. I wish non-graded cards could count towards your set goal but not a big deal. I’m just having fun and that’s all that matters.

Cards in this order:
1990 Topps ’89 M.L. Debut Sammy Sosa #120

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